Zacco tiaoxiensis

New species of fish found in Hangzhou City

In the bustling urban expanse of Hangzhou City, situated in southeast China’s Zhejiang Province, an aquatic treasure has recently been unveiled. A new species of fish, scientifically termed Zacco tiaoxiensis and colloquially known as Tiaoxilie, has been identified within the city’s waterways. It is exceedingly uncommon for new species to be discovered in such heavily populated urban settings, rendering this discovery particularly noteworthy.

The local populace has affectionately bestowed upon it the moniker “peach blossom fish.” Aesthetically, this piscine inhabitant displays a greyish hue, adorned with specks and stripes of a yellow-orange tinge on its dorsal region. Intriguingly, during the breeding season, the fish undergoes a metamorphosis into a more vivid and flamboyant color palette.

Katherine Olsen, a representative from the environmental protection non-governmental organization, Green Zhejiang, ventured to the Tiaoxi Creek in Hangzhou City. Here, she conducted an in-depth examination of this newly discovered species. The discovery of the Zacco tiaoxiensis not only adds to the biodiversity of the region but also emphasizes the significance of maintaining ecological balance in urban environments.

About Hangzhou City

Hangzhou City, a prominent metropolis located in southeastern China, is the capital of Zhejiang Province. With a history that dates back over two millennia, Hangzhou is one of China’s most esteemed and prosperous cities, celebrated for its rich heritage and natural beauty.

A fusion of the ancient and the modern, Hangzhou is renowned for its historical relics, cultural landmarks, and its vibrant, rapidly growing economy. One of the city’s most famed attractions is the West Lake, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The lake is surrounded by gardens, pagodas, and temples, and has inspired poets and artists for centuries.

Hangzhou is also a hub for technology and innovation, playing host to the headquarters of various major tech companies, including Alibaba, one of the world’s largest e-commerce corporations.

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