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Genomic Science Program

Catalyzing Inquiry at the Interface of Computing and Biology

2005 Report of the National Research Council of the National Academies

John C. Wooley and Herbert S. Lin, editors
Committee on Frontiers at the Interface of Computing and Biology
Computer Science and Telecommunications Board
Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences
National Research Council of the National Academies

This report by the Committee on Frontiers at the Interface of Computing and Biology seeks to establish the intellectual legitimacy of a fundamentally cross-disciplinary collaboration between biologists and computer scientists. That is, while some universities are increasingly favorable to research at the intersection, life science researchers at other universities are strongly impeded in their efforts to collaborate. This report addresses these impediments and describes some strategies for overcoming them. Email your comments to: John C. Wooley.

Executive Summary (PDF, 43 kb)

Preface, Acknowledgment of Reviewers, Other (PDF, 204 kb)


  1. Introduction (PDF, 76 kb)
  2. 21st Century Biology (PDF, 82 kb)
  3. On the Nature of Biological Data (PDF, 128 kb)
  4. Computational Tools (PDF, 2536 kb)
  5. Computational Modeling and Simulation as Enablers for Biological Discovery (PDF, 2022 kb)
  6. A Computational and Engineering View of Biology (PDF, 1413 kb)
  7. Cyberinfrastructure and Data Acquisition (PDF, 246 kb)
  8. Biological Inspiration for Computing (PDF, 228 kb)
  9. Illustrative Problem Domains at the Interface of Computing and Biology (PDF, 154 kb)
  10. Culture and Research Infrastructure (PDF, 214 kb)
  11. Conclusions and Recommendations (PDF, 95 kb)


  1. The Secrets of Life: A Mathematician’s Introduction to Molecular Biology (PDF, 1893 kb)
  2. Challenge Problems in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology from Other Reports (PDF, 46 kb)
  3. Biographies of Committee Members and Staff (PDF, 41 kb)
  4. Workshop Participants (PDF, 19 kb)

What Is CSTB? (PDF, 20 kb)


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